Build test automation in a visual IDE

Not every automation task requires code. Visual IDEs help you keep the simple stuff simple!

Free and Open-Source

There are two alternatives for a free and open-source IDE for Selenium:

Selenium IDE browser plugin

The original Selenium IDE for Firefox was quick to install and very popular before Firefox security restrictions killed the original version. It is re-born for Firefox and Chrome and retains the original ease-of-use. It is gathering a few following but its potential is limited by the confines of the browser plugin sandbox.

MuseIDE for Selenium app

As a first-class desktop application, MuseIDE can operate with any browser (or mobile device) supported by Selenium as well as most other technologies. It was designed from the ground up to address the 
deficiencies of the Selenium IDE browser plugin: Maintainable tests, extensible architecture and command-line support for CI/CD deployment.

Feature Comparison

A quick comparison of the compelling features of each IDE.

Selenium IDE MuseIDE for Selenium
Easy install and automatic updates
Test Chrome and Firefox
Test Other Selenium-supported Browsers
Test Mobile devices -
Run on Windows, Linux and MacOS (Windows only)
Encourages logic re-use -
Extensible  (limited)
Data-driven testing -
Page Objects support -
Export to code (JS, Java, etc) -
Established user base -